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1983 AC COBRA MK IV Short Nose in Left Hand Drive

- Only 5,000 Miles from new
- 2nd car off the production line
- 360 BHP special engine

Autokraft acquired the rights to use the official AC name after years of experience of working on the original AC Cobras to the highest standards. The company purchased original AC tooling as part of the licencing agreement and therefore in a position to produce continuation cars of great accuracy.

We are pleased to present one of the very earliest MKIV models - in fact only the second vehicle off the production line and based very closely on the original 60s Cobra. Feauturing a short nose alloy body and the T10 four speed gear box. It has the original ‘T’  handle shifter, disc cooling side vents, and original short nose design, with the bumpers mounted through the bodywork.

The engine in this early MKIV is a full-house 360 bhp unit and significantly more powerful than the susbsequent production models. Additionally together with a short nose alloy coachwork - this car is very similar to the later light weight specification run of only 26 cars, made in the early nineties.

Priced at about 20% of the price of a period Cobra - but with a desirable hand built aluminium body with legitimate rights to it's AC badge - this car presents an opportunity to own a genuine sorted AC Cobra model ready to be evented or used on the road this summer.


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Year 1983
Mileage 5,000 miles
Transmission MANUAL