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Porsche 997 C4 GTS - Black


2012 997 Porsche C4 GTS Cabriolet - PDK

40,000 mi
Cruise control
SAT NAV System 
CD changer
Telephone model
BOSE sounds
Heated seats
Climate control
Part electric seats
Paddle shift
Sports exhaust
Xenon lights
Rear parking assist
19" Wheels
Full Porsche service History 

The 997 generation’s biggest updates were the interior and exterior styling, most notably the return to the “bug eye” round highlights of the original 911s and 993 generation. The slightly widened body and larger 18” wheels gave the 997s a more aggressive stance, and they all benefited from slightly increased power. Inside, the design was similarly reminiscent of the pre-996 generation design. The return to traditional styling makes the 997 generation feel like an homage to the iconic and prolific original 911s, yet the futuristic and modern technology and engineering make it a car firmly rooted in the present. The 997 is truly the best of both worlds, a modern car in a subtly classic body, an eye on the past but a nod to the future.

In what was quite possibly an automotive design first, the development of the 997 generation was actually led by the cabriolet rather than the coupe. Despite being unprecedented, this was actually a far more logical way to work. Cabriolets present a unique set of problems so working on these first would mean the benefits would trickle down to the coupe. For example, because cabriolets don’t have a fixed roof, they struggle with chassis stiffness. Fixing this issue would make the coupes more rigid as well which would in turn improve performance. For the first time, the cabriolet versions were virtually on par with their coupe counterparts when it came to performance figures. Therefore the 997 cabriolets were by far the best generation for those who wanted to feel the wind in their hair without sacrificing performance.

Midway through the model cycle Porsche introduced a mid-range 911 that filled the gap between the Carrera and the GT3. Although they went on to produce an all wheel drive version, the C2 GTS was the only rear wheel drive car fitted with what was traditionally the C4’s wider body style and track. Both the C2 and C4  featured an upgraded 3.8L engine with an output of 413 hp. The C4 GTS is easily identifiable because of its distinctive reflective stripe positioned between the tail lights.  

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Colour Black
Year 2012
Mileage 40,000 miles
Transmission PDK