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PORSCHE  911 3.2 CARRERA CABRIOLET - Zinc Silver Metallic


1983 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet

Zinc Silver Metallic
Blue leather interior
5 Speed Manual
Short Shift Kit
Cruise Control
Electric Windows
Electric Heated Mirrors
Tonneau Cover
Top tinted windscreen
Stainless Steel Entry Guards
Crested Centre Caps
Kenwood KRC 855RL Stereo
15” Wheels
Tool Kit
4 previous owners

The 3.2 Carrera came as the replacement for the 911 SC and marked the last iteration of the original, pre-redesign 911s. The Carrera 3.2 revived “Carrera” as a denomination and got the rest of the name from its new 3.2L horizontally opposed flat 6 engine. This 80% new, higher displacement engine was achieved by combining the cylinders from the SC model and the Turbo 3.3’s crankshaft stroke. The inlet manifold and exhaust systems were also new but the 915 transmission was carried over from the SC series.These technical advancements meant the power output was  207hp, which made for a top speed of 150mph  and a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds. The list of improvements was endless; bigger brake discs for better heat dissipation, an improved finned cooler, upgraded fuel and ignition control components improved reliability, and a Bosch Motronics DME improved fuel efficienty. The Carrera may have looked nearly the same as the SC, but all the improvements underneath the hood signalled a prolific future for the 911 line.


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Colour Zinc Silver Metallic
Year 1983
Mileage 101,000 miles
Transmission Manual
Engine 3200