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Porsche 964

Porsche 964

Hendon Way Motors and the Porsche 964 - made between 1989-1993

The last of the "classic" Porsche 911 shape - air-cooled and with established collector car status - the models seen tremendous price increases in the last few years - the blend of classic 911 styling together with a more modern driving experience than it's predecessor. The narrow body of the model - even with the flared arches of the Turbo derivative feel really compact and suited to country road driving - where perhaps some of the later models like all modern cars feel appreciably larger. A tamed but still "raw" 911 driving experience. The Turbo and RS models have iconic status and are firmly established as world market classics - with prices to match!

- 85% new construction over it's predecessor
- The first model with ABS and power steering
- Coil spring suspension replaced the torsion bar set up from predecessor
- Last generation with traditional targa roof
- Tiptronic 4 speed gearbox option introduced
- Enlarged engine offering strong performance over predecessor
- Classic "narrow body" 911 Porsche styling

964 C2 models (2 wheel drive) - came in coupe, cabriolet, targa, cabriolet turbo look, speedster derivatives
964 C4 models (4 wheel drive) - came in coupe, cabriolet, targa, jubilee coupe
964 Turbo models (2 wheel drive) - came in coupe derivative only
964 Carrera RS (2 wheel drive) - came in coupe derivative only

Power = 247 bhp to 380 bhp
Base C2 tiptronic model = 186 bhp/ton = 159 mph

Hendon Way motors have sold all of these models and source any Porsche 964 you require if we do not hold it in stock - see the examples we have sold on the link above.

Click here for the Wikipedia page on the Porsche 964 for specs and further details

Examples of Porsche 964 we have sold