Porsche 993 Model Guide

Porsche 993

Porsche 993

Hendon Way Motors and the Porsche 993 made between 1993 - 1998

The last air-cooled Porsche 911 and the last hand built Porsche 911. In many ways this model represented the swansong for "over engineered" 911 products where the almost unchecked pursuit of engineering component integrity was given free rein. Subsequent model ranges were built more with cost effective production processes specifically to improve Porsche's financial performance. Fabulous aircooled "character" refined to it's ultimate evolution before the watercooled models.

- Acknowledged as the last "modern classic" aircooled Porsche
- Seen by many as most desirable of the 911 series with very pretty styling and a half-way house between narrow body earlier cars and the larger contemporary models
- Advanced multi-link suspension made the car much easier to drive at speed with additional improvements in refinement
- More powerful engine with only 20% of components carried over to the new design and new 6 speed manual gearbox offers really strong performance
- 1996-1998 models with "Varioram" induction resulted in 15% increase in power over 964 - with 286 BHP
- Engine refinements such as hydraulic tappets result in reduced servicing costs over predecessor

993 Carrera (2 wheel drive) - came in coupe, cabriolet, targa, S derivatives
993 Carrera (4 wheel drive) - came in coupe, cabriolet, targa, S derivatives
993 Carrera Turbo (2 wheel drive) - came in coupe, coupe s, coupe GT2 derivatives
993 Carrera RS (2 wheel drive) - came in coupe derivative only

Power = 272 bhp to 430 bhp
Base Carrera Tiptronic model = 199 bhp/ton & 165 mph

Hendon Way motors have sold all of these models and can source any Porsche 993 you require if we do not hold it in stock - see the examples we have sold on the link above.

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