Porsche 996 Model Guide

Porsche 996

Porsche 996

Hendon Way Motors and the Porsche 996 made between 1998 - 2004

The first water-cooled Porsche 911 and a model range which heralded production methodologies which contributed to Porsche's return to financial health. Sharing many similarities to the Porsche boxster in componentry. Once considered a lesser model by die-hard air-cooled fanatics - good examples are now appreciating. The GT2, GT3 and RS models are extremely desirable.

- First water-cooled Porsche
- Sleeker more aerodynamic bodyshape than earlier models
- Interior finally evolves from floor mounted pedals and more modern instrumentation
- Tremendous value compared to their aircooled brethren
- Suspension further evolved to make the handling very surefooted - 4 wheel drive models with stability control bely any traditional rear engine drving characteristics
- 996 Turbo is rapidly appreciating and is still today a very quick point to point car
- GT2, 996 GT3, 996 GT3 RS models are cult classics and priced accordingly!

Power = 296 bhp to 487 bhp
Base Carrera Tiptronic = 228 bhp/ton & 174 mph

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